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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Is there a popcorn ceiling in your Milton home in Ontario? More than one? Do you want to book popcorn ceiling removal with Milton experts? Contact us.

At Painters Milton, we are aware that such textures are not modern and some old ones may also be harmful to your family’s health. And so, our team is prepared to take action. We are available for the removal of popcorn ceilings in Milton and ensure excellent and safe work, from the start to the completion of the job.

Inquiring about popcorn ceiling removal in Milton

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Milton

With expertise in popcorn ceiling removal, Milton pros can create a new environment for you. An environment that will be healthy, modern, and elegant. If you want to remove a ceiling texture, make contact with our team. We can talk about your project. It’s vital that we understand the extent of the job to offer a quotation. You also get a ceiling color consultation. There’s no charge for the quotation and the estimate – there’s no obligation either. So, if you want to gather information to accordingly make decisions and plan the popcorn ceiling removal, get in touch with us.

The process of removing popcorn ceiling

Removing popcorn ceilings and refinishing once the substrate is prepped is hardly an easy job. But with our team by your side, you shouldn’t worry about the way it’s done.

  •          The first step involves the room’s preparation. The floor is covered and the space is contained so that the dust produced when the pros remove popcorn ceiling pieces won’t travel to the adjacent rooms.
  •          The next step involves the removal of the texture. This is the hard part. The level of difficulty varies depending on the texture’s condition, age, whether or not it was painted, etc. With the right tools, the pros steadily remove the pieces of the texture until it’s all gone.
  •          Then, the broken pieces are all collected, ensuring the room is dust- and debris-free.
  •          The last phase includes the ceiling’s finishing. Since the substrate is often dented, the pros begin by taking care of damage. Scratches, holes, dents, and other flaws are addressed. Then, the surface is sanded, primed, and painted as needed.

Experts in removing popcorn textures & refinishing ceilings

All phases of the service are performed with thoroughness and correctly – from preparing the room to painting the ceiling. Even if this is not a harmful texture, the pros follow a specific dressing code to keep intact from the dust released while removing the popcorn ceiling.

As for the last stage of the project, you get a consultation regarding the best ceiling colors for the room – if you don’t want white. Or, what white hue will you prefer. And so, your ceiling that was covered with a popcorn texture up until yesterday will now be a modern, flat ceiling free of any imperfections. If that’s what you want and would like to discuss details about the project and get a free estimate, contact us. Remember that there’s no obligation. So, reach us without giving it a second thought. If you are ready for popcorn ceiling removal, Milton experts are ready to provide quotations and information.